Welcome To Kagnee Central:
This site is the digital home of the band Kagnee, through the site you can find out about gigs, download new tracks for Free and get in touch with the band to give an opinion or just to chat. Kagnee are a Liverpool band without the Liverpool sound. Owing more to punk, reggae and hip-hop than Merseybeat. Kagnee are: Monkey - guitar & vocals, Sawdust - drums & vocals, The Gaffa - bass & vocals and the incredible Fingers on the keys.

The band have honed their distinctive sound through 3 years of extensive gigging and recording. Most recently they took a trip to a studio in Wigan and the results can be heard on the upcoming EP "Logic Bomb". This EP represents the bands most accomplished work to date but there will definitely be more to come in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

Latest News: We're Coming Back!!!!!!
That's right we haven't split up and we're not dead. Unfortunately we've have had an enforced break since Christmas due to prolonged illness. Thankfully we should be able to get going again in the near future with new songs, new enthusiasm and possibly some new vital organs (It's amazing what you can find on eBay) Only kidding about the organs but we will be back to annoy you all again soon, so you've been warned.

Logic Bomb - Buy It Now!!
Logic Bomb Cover
Order your copy of our new CD Logic Bomb. Only £3.50 delivered. If you can find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund the difference :-) So get it now.